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Zámek je celoročně přístupný!!!

          Provozní doba:

  • duben až září
    denně 9-17 hodin
  • říjen - březen
    středa až neděle: 9-15 hodin
    Ostatní dny pro organizované skupiny po předchozí závazné rezervaci!!!

Rules for Visitors

Opening hours

  1. The castle is accessible all year round for tours:
    • April - September:
      Monday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    • October - March:
      Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
      Sunday + public holidays only the groups with reservation in advance
    • the last tour takes place one hour before the end of operation time
  2. By mutual consent, the object is accessible all year round for groups announced beforehand.
  3. The sightseeing tour of the exposition of Czech porcelain at the first floor of the castle lasts 50 min.
  4. The sightseeing tour of the exposition of Oriental and European porcelain lasts 35 min.
  5. The sightseeing tour of the exposition of Fairyland lasts 30 min.
  6. Further particulars are included in the offering schedule for the corresponding year.


  1. 1.The admission for tour routes and exhibitions have to be paid in advance. Admission fee, the range of provided discounts and sightseeing tours are set out in the offering schedule for the corresponding year, which is located in a visible place in the castle's box office.
  2. The visitor will receive an entrance ticket (collective ticket for the group head) upon payment of the admission fee, which he will prove with at the entrance to tour route. Visitors are required to retain their ticket for the duration of the tour and present that ticket upon request.
  3. The ticket is valid only for one visit to the object. Purchased tickets cannot be withdrawn.

Tour of the cultural monument

  1. The tour takes place in groups of no less than 3 visitors, with a participation of the guide. Maximum number is 40 visitors per group. Exceptions are allowed only by director of the castle.
  2. The mass visitors can be provided with the tour for a specific day and hour in terms of Rules for Visitors only while foregoing written or telephone agreement with the listed building administration took place. The ordered group has to check in at the cash office at least 5 minutes before the given time, otherwise the group loses its right to a priority tour.
  3. Children up to 10 years are allowed to enter the listed building only when accompanied by adult.
  4. Tour of the building and collections in the designated tour route may be held only in the given group and in the continuous presence of the guide. This guide is reporting a commentary to visitors. Visitors are required to follow the guide´s instructions during the tour.
  5. Visitors mustn't enter the collections with umbrellas, luggage, bags, briefcases, dogs, etc.
  6. The castle is not adapted for barrier-free access.

Protection of listed building and security of collections

  1. Visitors are required to follow the instructions of castle staff. At the disobedience of order or instruction issued in the interest of safety of visitors or protection of the building and collections, the visitor will be banished from the building without compensation of the admission and he must leave the building immediately.
  2. Persons reasonably suspected of being drunk or using of narcotics are prohibited to access the building.
  3. Entry to the building is not allowed to visitors dressed in dirty, insufficient and inappropriate clothing.
  4. It is forbidden to jeopardize and damage the building, its collections, park, garden and other property in the castle grounds anyhow. In particular it is prohibited to:
    • touch the exhibits on display and the inner walls
    • paint or draw on the walls or damage it in any other way
    • stray from the sightseeing route during the tour, nor to walk far from the guide
    • make such a noise (music, singing, electronically reproduced music, loud talking, or similar activity) so as to disturb the tour guide or to make it unpleasant for the people on the tour
    • eat or drink inside the building, to enter it with any food (such as ice-cream or beverages)
    • smoke inside the whole building, manipulate with open fire (to the exclusion of fireplaces and cultural events in the courtyard of the castle)
    • to pick the flowers, break off branches of the trees and bushes, to walk on the grass, bathe in the fountain etc.
    • drive a vehicles in the courtyard, except the wheelchairs and perambulators
    • allow dogs or other animals to run free off their leads
    • disturb the peace and public order in any other way
  5. Exceptions may be made by the Director of the castle, Museum of Applied Arts in Prague for scholarly, documentary, advertising, perhaps even other purposes, if this is requested in writing and an agreement is made.
  6. The visitor will be held responsible for violation of the rules stipulated here and for damages caused.

Final regulations

  1. Visitors can make requests, complaints and comments in writing or vocally directly in the building to the Director of the castle. In addition, the visitor can turn vocally, in writing or by telephone to the founder, by which is the Town of Klášterec nad Ohří - Department of culture, marketing and tourism.
  2. Visitors behavior in the castle park in Klášterec nad Ohří is regulated by the Rules for Visitors of the castle park approved by the Klášterec nad Ohří City Council's decree No 1335/30/2008 of the day 15 May 2008
  3. These Rules for Visitors come into effect as of October 27, 2008.
Ing.Petr Hybner
Director of the castle